"Hey, I wanted to tell you that after only a week or so of using your liquid "classic sink soap" in my kitchen only (I haven't put it in the bathrooms yet), my hands are SOOOO much healthier! They have gone from being dry, cracked, and painful to being soft and smooth! I love this soap! Added bonus - it smells wonderful without having a lingering perfumy smell. I am a huge fan!"

Melanie from Florida


"Your lip balms are amazing.....YUMMY! I love love love them! Thank you so much!"

Melody from South Carolina


"I recieved my order earlier this week and I'm so impressed. It all looks and smells lovely. This was my first time ordering SSS and I really like the milk bath. Everything was beautifully packaged with care. I felt spoiled. :-)"

Adriana- California


"I purchased a few cupcake soaps around the holiday's to give as gifts, but loved them so much I kept most of them for myself! The cupcakes are so adorable and make a simple, everyday task of cleaning up so much fun! They smell so delicious, and my husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted. I will be definitely be purchasing more for my home and as gifts."


Lauren- Texas